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cailantheirin has a headcanon where Fenris and Isabela get together and have a baby girl after the events of DAII and I am sO WEAK

Prize for squishietechies, who won first place in my 300 follower art giveaway!  I’m really sorry for the SUPER delay in getting this to you, babe, things have been… well, hell.  I hope you like it! <3

"Hold him for me for a second, will you?"

amsteramy's Mina Adaar is not cut out for this “auntie” business

Lookin’ at teef

The spirit is willing… but the flesh is weak

(Lyrium-withdrawal Knight-Captain Cullen is what sadists like myself’s dreams are made of)

Kristen (officialvarrictethras) is a terrible influence

…That’s your name.

doot doot quick Changeling illustration for mrsalenko

Vega is the cutest in this chapter and if you don’t read Changeling you should

Ser Pounce-A-Lot doesn’t seem like such a strange name for a child in need of a friend.

(one of the books in the Chantry has a scribble of Ser Pounce-A-Lot from when Anders was there when he was younger, so I’m convinced the Pounce-A-Lot in Awakening was not the first Pounce-A-Lot - maybe it just reminded him of the first one?)

Wishes clinttbarton early happy birthday but in a punk rock way