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Ladies of MCU - Pepper Potts

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I keep thinking about Tony’s multi-issue breakdown and mostly ‘m just like

what a time to have the word Resilient stamped on your chest.

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The fact that a senior editor had to define the base character for fans and in doing so needed to confirm and clarify that no, it was in fact Tony Stark, and no he wasn’t under mind control or a body snatcher probably tells you something about how this isn’t actually the character as familiarized to fans over the course of half a century and maybe your concept is an ill-conceived sock puppet. 

True. But the fact that he felt like he had to do it maybe means this is in fact mind control and he’s trying to make it seem like a surprise in the end really badly.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry that the best response we have to an announcement regarding a new book centering on a favorite character is well, maybe they’re lying to us—that that’s the best case scenario. I don’t mean that as a swipe at you, but that my first thought was ‘that is a really generous interpretation.’ And then the enormity of the level of bad faith between fans and the editorial and creative teams in some cases is that the most generous interpretation we can give is ‘maybe they’re lying to us. God, I hope they are deliberately misleading us.’

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New Avengers #20

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why does love always feel like a battlefield

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