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Come on and Slam // and welcome to the Jam
Come on and Slam// if you wanna Jam

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Bill Slam The Science Jam

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Space Jam is one of those rare movies that manage to be utterly psychotic both on paper and in execution. There were no ‘Oh, it’ll make sense once you see the finished product’ conversations held about Space Jam. The initial pitch was never distilled into anything more coherent than ‘Michael Jordan teams up with a bunch of licensed cartoon characters to defeat aliens at basketball’ and was only ever revised to include the addendum ‘And also Bill Murray is in it, as Bill Murray.’”Tom Reimann

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every achievement in cinema history has led up to this moment

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Space Jam →


The Space Jam website has been up since 1996 and hasn’t changed.  Welcome to the internet of the past.

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okay i’ve seen a lot of bashing of bee movie’s ridiculous premise on my dash today but i think there’s a clear frontrunner for the most preposterous film ever made going unnoticed here


someone decided it would be a great idea to write a looney tunes movie about basketball in which michael jordan teams up with bugs bunny to win a basketball game against aliens from outer space

and then someone pitched this to michael jordan and michael jordan said, “sure, that sounds like a great idea”

and then a studio put together a full cast and crew to create a movie about michael jordan teaming up with bugs bunny to win a basketball game against aliens from outer space

and then it opened at #1 and grossed 230 million dollars

and r. kelly wrote the song “i believe i can fly” specifically for this movie and it won a grammy

the world is a strange place

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Don’t ever call me DOLL by ~xAleux

I already upload this cosplayer but I really like this photo, so..yea

Character: Lola

Series: Space Jam







someone did this

this happened

my obsession with space jam has been validated

bless this beautiful woman

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