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top 5 → superheroes (asked by catching-everlark): Bruce Banner/the Hulk [4/5]

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ET Avengers Preview

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Possible scene-by-scene description of The Avengers trailer, from an IMDB user. →


It shows Nick Fury and Tony Stark in that gym that we saw in the sneak peek. Probably a continuation of that scene.

Steve: I’ve basically been dead for the past 70 years, sir. Everyone I know, that I loved, is gone. Dead. I have nothing to lose.

Nick: The world does.


Steve: Well with…

Too quick to remember and out of focus?

I don’t know how long I’ve been saying this, nobody’s been listening…

Darling, they were the SKRULLS.  What’s there to see?  They’re green things with pointy ears and lined chins.

No matter how “good” they look in the movie, they’re still gonna look shitty.  Because they were a shitty choice for a villain.

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What.  What.  I hope this isn’t real.

There is so much wrong with this.  Let’s start with Hawkeye.

One - okay, so in the just-released Ultimate Hawkeye, they decided to completely retcon this character and take away the one aspect that made him really interesting, the fact that he was nearly 80% deaf and had to wear hearing aids.  They also mentioned that he was born with four times the normal amount of cones in his eyes, giving him an edge over the rest of the world visually.  Apparently none of these interesting aspects are true of movieverse Hawkeye here, which is apparently why he never got his own movie.  He’s just “really, really good with a bow and arrow”.


Secondly, working class hero attitude?  Since when?  Hawkeye is a snarky asshole.  He has never not been a snarky asshole, except when he was a crazy asshole in the Ultimates comics.  In fact, they got a guy who specializes in playing snarky assholes to play him.  Yet they expect us to believe he’s got a shining, working-class hero attitude?  Please guys, he’s banging the Black Widow, there’s no way he’s going to be humble about that or anything else.

Speaking of which, Natasha - nobody’s sweetheart?  Really?

I really, really hope the version of Hawkeye that winds up in the movie is not this one.  “Oh, I’m just really good with a bow and arrow, guys.”  Then what the hell are you, decoration?  Go home, little boy, until you can come back with something more characteristically defining than a tight costume.

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Jeremy Renner warming up/dancing on the set of The Avengers in NYC on September 2nd. 

Spontaneous dance sequences.

It’s what happens when people ignore Jeremy Renner for too long.

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never change.

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