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I attempted to salvage a drawing from several months ago and after editing it to death, I give up. So here’s Liara looking really hard at some very important terminals that I totally drew and didn’t add last minute please

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…and a Nightwing paint sketch thing from many moons ago!

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star wars pirate AU a.k.a.
"pirates of the kessel run: curse of the millenium pearl"

so I was listening to Davy Jones’ theme for hours, and went “hey this reminds me of a sad, nautical mash-up of Across the Stars and the Imperial March”… then “hey, Anakin/Vader is basically Davy Jones, Captain of the Flying Dutchman Executor” and then this AU spawned in my brain. and He’s A Pirate = the Force theme and Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) = the Star Wars Cantina?? the parallels are based more on personalities/roles, ignore family relations :P

also I just wanted to try completely reversing the environment of the Anakin vs Obi-Wan final duel… (not that typhoons and giant space kraken are much of an improvement, ahaha)

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I’m gonna do a bunch of these and make them into T-shirts. Which lovely ladies (aside from the obvious Wonder Woman) would you guys like to see?

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Quick question: I like making characters but hate doing backgrounds. Any tips on how to make them more enjoyable? (Also your stuff is amazing by the way)
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Hi!  Thanks!  And yes, I have tips.  First of all (and I’m not saying you do this) but backgrounds are never going to be fun if you try drawing them AFTER you’ve already drawn your characters.  It’s really the FIRST thing you need to consider because it’s like 70-90% of your entire composition!

Second - if you like drawing characters, look at the background as if it’s a character!  Everything in there can help tell the story of your characters.  What kind of environments would your characters inhabit?  What sort of props would they surround themselves with?  If they’re in a building, what is the style of the architecture?  Also, you can draw environments just as dynamically as you draw characters - with motion, emotion, personality, all of that!  The background is also one of your biggest tools for directing the viewer’s eye in your composition - it can point them exactly where they need to look!

Third - the same as you would when you’re drawing a character, don’t rely on stereotypes or icons!  Not every tree is an oak tree.  There are so many types of trees.  But you have to look for them, and study them.  Be as specific as you possibly can with everything in the environment, otherwise it will look boring and generic.

Most importantly, keep drawing and challenging yourself to try new things!  Good luck!

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Find Dr. Saleon.

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see us next time for another episode of The X-files

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Theirins by dakkun39

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